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Subtypes: Guardian

Kaima basic form


Kaima are spiritual creatures that have fallen from the stars to Plumeria. Kaima are born from meteorites and as shapeshifters are easily able to fit in to their new environment
Notable Features | Round masks (That can be removed, a body that can open down the middle to store inside like a sleeping bag. As shapeshifters they can have different types of arms, legs, ears and tails. They are the most varied of Plumerian species.
Unique | Shapeshifter! They also can hold stuff inside their body like a pocket dimension
Height | 4.5 feet or 1.3 Meters
Length | 6 ft or 1.8 Meters
Weight | ----- lbs or ~----- kg
Temperment (Generally) | Docile/Generous






Baby Stage
| Kit
Adolescent Stage | Juviniles
Adult Stage | Elders
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