World Origin (WIP)

In the beginning Plumeria had two entities, two beings that were dreaming. The world they resided in was empty and dark.

The moment their eyes opened, and they came out of their dreams, time began. They felt the infinite empty space around them. A feeling which was too powerful for them to bear, and despite their vast powers they couldn't retain their dreams which left their minds and filled this vast void creating the wrold of Plumeria. 

Now, they could no longer dream, as this was their world now. A reality, that took on their dreams. In order to regain their dreams again they have to dream through others. So they created life which could dream seperate from their own world. The first creatures created were split into 5 parts. Kaima were the spirit, Coadle the body, Sucats the mind, Dracokai the heart, Feathercloaks the soul. 

World Timeline

The world is over fifty thousand years old. The very beginning of time were the originals who split into ancient cloaks, ancient royal coadles, ancient guardians, ancient fucats and ancient dracokai. Slowly through the centuries and millenia the species grew smaller and smaller as the population of them grew. And as more ancient plumes faded away, more modern ones came to be. The magic of the world being split between a few were now split between thousands and hundreds of thousands. To millions. With the smaller levels of magic the plumes grew weaker.