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Plumeria Progress 1

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by GentleLarke

General Order

Below I have the categories in order of importance, and under each the other orders. We are currently working to get the site in order. Currently characters and items in the inventory should be tradable to those on the site. We periodically via journal or discord open up enrollment to the site. Giving out individual invite codes for members to join. Profile customization, use of items in inventory for already uploaded characters we'll also look at as well. Currently I (@gentlelark) am doing most of the organizing with help from Newt to get everything together and working properly.


- Currently our order of Masterlist work is as follows
     1) Main Masterlists for all 5 species (4/5 Complete)
     2) Guest Masterlists for all 5 species (0/5 Complete)
     3) MYO Masterlists for all 5 species (0/5 Complete)


- Current order for prompts in the works
     1) Touchstones (0/8 Complete)
           a) Bonus Touchstones (0/2 Complete)
     2) Training (0/6 Complete)
     3) Careers (0/8 Complete) May be more!


- Current Order of Mini Games
     1) Wishing Tree (Incomplete)
     2) Shady Alley (Incomplete)


Currently there is no exact set order. But all main traits for all 5 species are complete to the basics. Some mutations have also been added, and bases for curses and blessings added. As far as traits are concerned all that's left are mutations, then hybrid and fusion mutations


Shops, Lore, Locations, pets and everything else comes in after everything above. Mostly since we want game play and customization to take lead. Though shops really takes a close second to the games. Pets or what may be later renamed to familiars will need to be looked at in terms of equipping, their own Masterlist or set as items. As of now I am not sure what the best course of action for them are and will be doing some thinking and planning for these little guys.