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Nightmare and Fantasia Event 2023!

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Fantasia and Nightmare event Banner

For the first time in a long time it seemed as though Plumeria would finally be rid of the curses that plagued Plumeria. For years the falls have been accented with warm gatherings with pumpkins and pastries. As well as shared treats and feasts. Most all, now starting to move on passed the days when the giant monsters released from the eclipses and blood moons beforehand laid waste to Plumeria only for them to pull everything back together just in time.


This month though, a cold air came across Plumeria. And soon they'd notice a strange happening with the portal trees that lead to earth. These trees which once lead to the mortal realm of humans was now blackened and lead to a dark place that no one returned from. And after several Plumerians had gone missing in the last few days, the loud sound of cacophonous cracking wood and stone could be heard and the earth shook. Every Plumerian who awoke in the night would rush out to see the moon, shattered with dark aura spreading across the skies. Blackening out the stars and haulting the movement of the heavens itself. From the dark sky emmerged a creature, much like a skycloak but tattered and monstrous. Black smoke fuming off of it as it spoke into the minds of every Plumerian. "Turn from the burning blinding light and join the cool comforting night. Why toil away in endless day, in labors and tasks that never last? Join us in the endless dreaming night and do all that your heart disires. Think of the freedom my rule will bring, the domain of the Nightmare King."


At this, the large monsterous shadowy skycloak perched upon a dark tree throne overlooking much of the Feathercloak fields and many minions of equally monsterous glowing toothed multi eyed smokey Plumes spread out. This time, a glimmer of light flickered as one star remained lit. A distant gentle voice of a sucat in the distance. "I am the Princess of Phantasia. Call upon me Plumeria, restore the sky and all good dreams. Do not listen to the Nightmare King." She fell as a star across the land from the Nightmare King upon a sparkling crystal tree that formed that illuminated the land around her as if it were a bright night. Starry glowing mist spreading out and providing protection from the Nightmare King's army. With this, Plumeria now must take sides. To join the forever night or to restore the world to bring back good dreams.



- Must have an account on Plumeria Website

- Event Starts Nov 2nd 2023 and closes on December 31st 2023 at midnight PST

- Each artist may enter as many characters as they'd like but they can only enter them into one team (For general art)

~~ Nightmare King - Possibly win Nightmare and curse related items/companions

~~ Princess of Phantasia - Possibly win Phantasia and blessed related items/companions


What to expect?


- All previous Halloween event items will be back in Plumeria shops. This includes the Vampire, Werewolf and Wendigo Potions and their associated event items that create their respective pelt forms and chii variations. As well as special Vampire, Werewolf and Wendigo companions.

- Raffle for a Nightmare cursed Plume and Fantasia Blessed Plume that will close on January 1st

- Halloween sales & GA work - ARPG with art and writing points towards your team of the Nightmare King or Princess of Phantasia

- There will be teams of Nightmare and Phantasia. Specific prizes listed in Discord under team channels

- Other prizes may be added later if there are more entrants!

Head on over to our discord server to choose your team and start drawing. All art this month will count towards your team and be calculated in server. We also will have 4 tasks for each team posted on site her to enter and win a premade design raffle and earn various items and traits for the event! Listed below, just a few of the team specific rewards! 

Team Nightmare Rewards


Raffle Earthcloak

Team Fantasia Rewards



Raffle Sucat

Plumeria Updates! 2023

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Hey everyone, just an update from August 2023! Myself GentleLarke and the team here have been working very hard! 

My mod team has been hard at work putting assets together for events, lists for myself to work from and updating claims/masterlistings. I have been working to get together references, traits and site lore together to bring the site up to a place where it can be more properly BETA tested!

Roles. 2023

Beta Testing & Member - You may notice roles have changed, if you see your role is no longer Beta Tester but you'd like to beta test, please send us a request on Discord or through claims and we'll jump you over to Beta Tester Role.

Patreon Roles (Honorary) - If you had supported my patreon previously, those roles are available on the site now! Please send a claim on the site here or Discord to claim your old Patreon role with proof of your highest support tier. Some may have already been bumped up to their patreon tiers!

Site General. 2023

I can't say too much on the site, I'm not the best at coding but Newt is working very diligently and updating and upgrading the site to bring us awesome new features and to get this place working much better! 

Future Events. 2023

We plan to fully have a fall event (Before Halloween) to explore the world of Fossils and Ancient Plumeria! Keep an eye out for further details. Some new items include the three major Fossil Snacks with tons of new Archeological mutations! After that we plan on bringing back the curses and doing a minor VS event for October 2023. Lastly wrapping up the year with a new Giving Event.

Prompts & Shops. 2023

There are now some prompts open! If you are a Beta Tester or Patreon Role feel free to submit entries to these and test them out! Shops are also getting worked up and are slowly filling with items too! In support of the site and updates I will be going around granting each Beta Tester 10 gold to each member who comments under this news post. Either a compliment to staff, pointing out a site feature you enjoy so far or just comment with a ♥. Keep it positive


Plumeria Progress 1

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General Order

Below I have the categories in order of importance, and under each the other orders. We are currently working to get the site in order. Currently characters and items in the inventory should be tradable to those on the site. We periodically via journal or discord open up enrollment to the site. Giving out individual invite codes for members to join. Profile customization, use of items in inventory for already uploaded characters we'll also look at as well. Currently I (@gentlelark) am doing most of the organizing with help from Newt to get everything together and working properly.


- Currently our order of Masterlist work is as follows
     1) Main Masterlists for all 5 species (4/5 Complete)
     2) Guest Masterlists for all 5 species (0/5 Complete)
     3) MYO Masterlists for all 5 species (0/5 Complete)


- Current order for prompts in the works
     1) Touchstones (0/8 Complete)
           a) Bonus Touchstones (0/2 Complete)
     2) Training (0/6 Complete)
     3) Careers (0/8 Complete) May be more!


- Current Order of Mini Games
     1) Wishing Tree (Incomplete)
     2) Shady Alley (Incomplete)


Currently there is no exact set order. But all main traits for all 5 species are complete to the basics. Some mutations have also been added, and bases for curses and blessings added. As far as traits are concerned all that's left are mutations, then hybrid and fusion mutations


Shops, Lore, Locations, pets and everything else comes in after everything above. Mostly since we want game play and customization to take lead. Though shops really takes a close second to the games. Pets or what may be later renamed to familiars will need to be looked at in terms of equipping, their own Masterlist or set as items. As of now I am not sure what the best course of action for them are and will be doing some thinking and planning for these little guys.