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Minor Edits

♦ Minor edits are perfectly acceptable and free to do at any time! Minor edits are anything like every slight hue shifts, saturation increase/decrease, slight pattern changes, hair styling etc. Even just new art would fall under this catagory. Changes should make it still obvious it is the same character, and traits are not changed.

.Minor Edits Example


Major Edits

♦ Major Edits would be anything that alters more than 10% of the plume's overall look. Trait changes, adding new colors or patterns that weren't previously on the design before. These will require items to make the changes nessessary. Characters must still at least vaguely resemble the original design or look related.


Major Edits Example


Total Re-designing

Very rarely do we allow total redesigns. We may set up a haven where designs could be turned in for MYO slots of equal value in return. But the slots will have 6 month cool down, and the original design may be resold or repurposed by the group.

MYO designing

♦ In order to create a MYO (Make your own) you must first have a MYO coin or MYO slot. MYO coins are items bought in the game shops or won on site games that can be converted into slots. Once converted into myo slots the coin is used up and the slot can be used to make a full character! MYO coins can be converted to slots, but slots cannot be converted into myo coins!
♦ Go over to our Traits to look up traits and our Species Guide for help drawing the base of your design.
Important Note - Traits are set up in 2 ways. First, there are Species specific traits. These traits are exclusive to one species. Then there are traits available to all or most species. For example if you are designing a dracokai, scales are exclusive to them, but they share tail styles and length with coadles. So be sure to look at all traits not just ones exclusive to your MYO species!
♦ MYOs cannot be identical to designs you do not own and cannot be based on real world brands, logos or characters. If based on real world things they must be different enough that they only count as inspiration.


♦ New baby designs will have a 3 month cooldown period before they can be grown
♦ Growing your plumes is 100% free!
♦ You can grow a baby design before the 3 month cooldown (Inpatience gets the best of us) you can complete the first 3 touchstone prompts
♦ Traits can only be common/uncommon except what is directly visible on the baby plume
♦ You can earn rarer traits and upgrades for your growth if you complete the first 3 touchstone prompts before growing your plume


Clothing/Accessories - Your character can wear any type of clothing, jewelry or accessories they wish. The only limitation are clothing items that resemble in game clothing like the infinite seed purse used by Farming plumes which must be earned as a small example. And they cannot appear to be magical, or elemental without earning them or having those abilities. Also highly recommend against clothes that have real world brand logos, or directly copy other plume's unique designed clothes.
Tech - Plumes, especially sucats, are slowly adapting to human era technology. While most of the world is naturalistic or nomadic many civilizations of dracokai, sucats, kaima and some others in smaller groups still are settling down to make technology. From steam punk to modern cell phone like tech. Headphones and prosthetics are not out of the realm of possiblity for accessorizing.
Scars/Wounds - All plumes are permitted to have scars/wounds or injuries. So long as they are non lethal and are not overly gory, but fit species lore. They may also not appear to be self inflicted wounds that may be triggering to other users. Wounds that expose bones, or look particularly undead will require the use of Haunted Mutations. For Coadles who shed their clay when damaged, they must have a trait to retain scars on clay.
Body Mods - Body mods like piercings, tattoos are totally acceptable. Keep in mind that tattoos do not work on fur or scales and only on skin. Hair dying is tricky and we will allow it on a case by case basis. Painting/tattoos should never cover more than 10% of the plumerian at maximum and a natural reference must be available if/when breeding ever takes place.


- Limit of 3 total mutations max per plume at a time. If the Plumerian species has more than three mutations they may be hybrid mutations or legacy mutation plumes. In some cases GA artists and special sales may grant more mutations on a predesigned Plumerian.
- For Fusion mutations you must use only pre-existing fusions and fusion items plus the mutation potions to combine.
- When adding a mutation you must use an item and if they already have 3+ mutations you must choose one to replace for your new mutation you wish to add.

Curses & Blessings

- Cannot be mixed. A Plumarian can only have 1 Curse or 1 Blessing at a time

Restricted & Legacy Traits

- Currently there are no items that you can use to obtain these traits. They can only be obtained via breedings or customs by GentleLark. Most Restricted and Legacy traits are only for certain species subclasses or no longer in circulation

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