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✦ Notables ✦

Ancient Towers ➼ All around Plumeria exists ancient towers. Often visited by Gaia (Walking), Atlantis (Swimming) and Atlas (Flying). The dracokai though not hundreds of miles long as they appear on the map are large enough to have tiny eco systems and to be able to cary hundreds of Plumerians on their back at once. The towers were built for Plumerians to get off and onto these ancients and travel long distances.

Plumeria Scale ➼The grid on the map marks squares of 100 miles by 100 miles. It can take weeks to travel from Plumea to Kaimea for instance by food or sky.


✦ SuFu ✦

Sufu is a plate or landmass that is much warmer than the others and is preferred by most Plumerians who enjoy any level of warm weather. From the hot and dry Cauldera region to the humid and warm Bamboo Kingdom.

➼ Bamboo Kingdom

The Bamboo Kingdom is a warm tropical environment with rich soil and full of bamboo forests. This kingdom is controlled by a Sucat, Emperor Tanuki. The Kingdom is a thick hilly environment with valleys, hidden ponds and creeks. All with bamboo craftily grown to make the kingdom difficult to traverse or attack from the outside. Sucat warriors often travel through the forest along with a guide Sucat to lead travelers, traders and ambassadors through the maze-like system. While they hold Bamboo Sucats who specialize in the care of the forest with high regard and often paying them in gold and high quality rare bone armor for the upkeep of the forest. Keeping every bamboo stalk perfectly shaped and healthy and keeping the structure of the tunnel systems around cities, farms, homes and natural landmarks in pristine condition with large red silk ribbons made from extremely strong Coadle silk. Bamboo stalks can also be seen to have bells attached to them throughout the forest to alert guards if bamboo is shaken or touched in a way that it was not meant to on the tops of Bamboo and in thickets where they are meant to not be traversed. This Kingdom overall is seen as the most secure and well controlled of all of Plumeria.

➼ Sea of Sand

This area is a dry hot desert of Plumeria. This part of the desert though is more than what is seen on the surface. Above, there is nothing but sand that moves like the waves of the ocean in the high winds of the Plumeria desert. But underneath is a tight cave system with small temples and underground cities. These cities are lit with glowing crystals and bioluminescent plants as well as other creatures. The Sea of Sand is very dangerous and always shifting atop but below is more stable. Primarily Sucats inhabit the underground and their biggest export is the rare colored sands below that can be turned into special glass and the production of technology with their minerals; Including prosthetics and light bulbs.

➼ Sucat Savana

An oasis in the desert. This Savanna is often filled with warm rain and is only slightly humid. Sucats and Skycloaks tend to inhabit this region which requires the use of flight or climbing to get up to the small cities placed on top of the mesa rocks. This area used to once be under the ocean as did much of Sufu but was risen from the sea by a very powerful ancient Dracokai. The Sucat Savanna is often ravaged with flash floods but generally is a paradise if one can tolerate the year round summer weather.

➼ Ancient Temple

This temple has no name other than being known as the most ancient temple in all of Plumeria. This temple is believed to belong to an Ancient Dracokai that once raised the Sufu continent and created the mountains of Sufu. Here many vendors set up kiosks to sell their craft and many teachers go in search of apprentices. There is a special magic to this place and every Plumerian can feel it.

➼ Cauldera

This region was formed by a massive volcano and is often very hot; Fire & Earthly elemental Plumerians tend to inhabit this land as well. The area is perfect for practicing and honing any fire elemental's skills including building homes out of lava and then allowing them to cool. As well as absorbing elemental heat from the lava springs, lava pools and messing around with the guisers to the north .This region is very active and can be dangerous if not tread carefully.

➼ Serene Plains

These grassy hills and flatlands are perfect for growing fields of flowers and crops. The weather here is most pleasant and gentle year round.

➼ Gaia Range

This warm rocky range is quite sharp and high. It protects the southern side of Sufu from the extreme heat of the desert. It is also home to one of the last three Ancient Dracokai's all Plumeria knows of as Gaia. And the mountain is guarded from danger.

➼ Feather Coast

Fruit bearing trees line this warm coastal area along the Gaia Mountain range. This area has a rich soil and is perfect for growing large trees.

✦ Codleterra ✦

This landmass is a far more ancient portion of Plumeria that has existed above the dark oceans for the longest time. A portion of this land, destroyed by a meteor thousands of years ago.

➼ Noma Kingdom & Amon Kingdom

Two kingdoms belong to the Royal Coadles Noma and Amon respectively. Each kingdom having their own unique architecture and split by Coadle Spires of Coadle Cove.

➼ Coadle Cove

Home to the Coadle spires and a small calm cove for easy going seafaring trade. The spires are covered in glittering silk strands strung artistically into various shapes and murals. They also are built in many ways as beautiful architectural bridges and homes.

➼ Fu Mountains

Right on the border of Codleterra this mountain is a carved out wonder of the Plumeria world. Where Mountain sucats have made a home in the dark caves and inner mountain structures. Lit with magic lights and crystals from the Sea of Sand.

➼ Tangle Ruins

A home primarily to Jungle Sucats. This is a densely packed jungle of trees, shrubbery, cocoa plants, portals and vines. It is often raining and human. Very difficult terrain for most plumes to get through without experience.

➼ Enchanted Forest

This forest is a beautiful pine forest filled with magical fruit, flowers, and bushes. The trees glow with mystical birds and fae lights. Hidden in the woods, are fae homes up in the trees and some in the undergrounds.

➼ Wendigo's Keep

After the Wendigo freed himself from the Magus mountains he took refuge in the Keep making it his home. The waters turn to oil like mud, the trees dying and bones of their kills litter the forest floor. It is a dark misty place that is dangerous and always full of lurking Plumerians who have been converted by the Wendigo to serve him.

➼ Grimwood Thicket

What is left of the Keep, a darkwood forest that more isolated plumes preferred to live in. The trees themselves hold mysterious transformative powers and magic enhancing properties. For those who dare to collect the wood they could bring them to King, the dracokai artificer who could create wonderful magic totems and technology!

➼ Magus Mountains

The northern portion of Codleterra's mountains, this mountain range has grown cold and gray with it's elevation and northerly formation. These mountains are covered in caves and tunnels filled with cursed plumes seeking refuge.

✦ Kaimea ✦

This area is an unnatural area where most plumes feel an intense amount of power. The crater is created from an ancient meteor that crashed. From that meteor came Kaima, their trees, crystals, wishchii, moon dust, solar sand and various other stellar minerals.

➼ Liluna

Here lies a crescent shaped island with dark blue trees that are filled with stars at all times of the day or night. And large willow trees. One of which is the most well known to all of Plumeria as the Wishing Tree. A large willow with a starry night sky and several ruins around the base. Known as the heart of Kaimea it is home to most all Kaima who are not traveling.

➼ Ocean Ridge

A small portion of the land that is left after the Kaimea creating event. This land is closest to one of the ancient spires and next to the Crystal Pass

➼ Crystal Pass

A portion of the ocean lined with large crystals and filled with stardust, and moondust, sun gold and other space minerals. The water itself is said to sparkle like the night sky.

✦ Draconia ✦

An island primarily inhabited by larger, more fierce creatures of Plumeria. This place is further south and much more temperate. Beyond its southern boundaries no one knows what is there. Except that only Ancients can seem to go beyond the cloudy boundaries.

➼ Swamp Harbor

A swamp land full of marshes and rivers. Thick trees, moss and vines cover the rainy climate and make it perfect for raising various companions and growing water needy crops.

➼ Atlantis Coast

Where adolescent Dracokai often end up before they decide where they will take their lives outside of Draconia if they decide to leave for any of the other mainlands. A nice tranquil forest often filled with stone and crystal dragons as they sleep. But also holds many oceanfront markets that sell rare goods, or sometimes just straight scam sailors.

➼ Courage Falls

Where young Draco's are taught how to shift into their first stone forms among the rocks. Adopting whichever they are best aligned to. And the falls themselves where they learn how to first take flight with their spiritual wings.

➼ Hatchingly

Where most all Dracokai are born as small stone eggs and then hatch. They are raised very young in this forest with their parents until they are old enough to begin learning how to shift and fly at Courage Falls.

✦ Plumea ✦

An island primarily inhabited by Feathercloaks. This landscape is full of valleys, rocks, ridges, deep creaks and ravines hidden in layers of tree lines that sparkle and glow in various colors.

➼ Painted Forest

A multi layered forest with underground caves filled with lush flowers and vines with glowing berries. Above there are glowing trees that come in many different colors like sparkling jewels. The leaves themselves are used for various dyes and paints and sold for artisans to make colored fabrics and illustrations.

➼ Blossom Wood

An area north of Plumeria filled with blossoming trees and bushes year round. They often fall and create a romantic atmosphere. Here, Sea lives the Skycloak who makes her arrows to cause Plumerians to fall in love. And also where she creates her clays and lovely shells could be found.

➼ Plume Islands

Small lush islands with ancient histories of tricking the overseer and the protector. They have old ruins of cloaks long since passed and various earth cloaks who slip along the misty forest lines.

➼ Cloak Reef

A reef mostly inhabited by Seacloaks. The reef is almost as colorful under the sparkling blue ocean waves as the painted forest of Plumea.


The most northerly area of Plumeria, this landscape is filled with ice and rarely receives any warmth. Only the hardiest of Plumes dare to live in this region

Glacian Pass

Formed thousands of years ago when the Cauldera was last active. This icy mountain is more than it seems. Inside are ice caves that contain water and ice magic minerals. That can enhance any Plumerian's elemental abilities.

➼ Colorisle

A center between Cauldera and Glacian Pass, it was once a part of the general area before Cauldera was last active. Filled with rainbow pools of superheated water that are much too dangerous for Plumerians who do not have fire elemental abilities.

➼ Frozen Forest

A forest of ice trees formed using powerful magic of an ancient Dracokai to grant those living in the area some form of support and protection from the dangerous blizzards of Arctician. From the trees grow snowy white leaves with ice covered trees. Inside the trees is a highly condensed salty sap used to flavor foods and help boil water faster for making stews.

➼ Wynterland

On the north end of the Magus Mountains and Enchanted forest rests an area of broken arctic sheets of ice and solid land broken off from those ice sheets. This land is filled with snow covered pines and snowy huts. Spires of snow are made to protect Arctician from the Wendigo's keep generally and provide a sparkling snow white view.

➼ Forgotten Islands

Next to an old mostly abandoned ancient tower these islands are hardly populated. They are said to be haunted by ghosts of Plumerians who could not survive the deadly blizzards that sweep through every few decades.