Terms of Service

Created: 5 June 2021, 02:21:00 UTC
Last updated: 13 June 2021, 07:43:31 UTC


  • This site is PG 13

  • Zero Tolerance on stalking, harassment, and suicide threats

  •  All work on this site belong to their respective creators. No work may be taken from this site and used anywhere else for any purpose either commercial or free. All art has rights reserved to their respective creators

  • Avoid topics of real world religion, politics and mental health topics

  • We do not allow Co-ownership inside the ARPG, but if the character is inactive we will allow it


Art & Submissions

  • No plagiarizing, tracing or copying others work

  • All work must be based around the characters/lore of this ARPG/site

  • May only include humans or Ally characters approved

  • This site is PG 13, no mature or "Not safe for work" art allowed


Character Trades & Sales

  •  MASTERLIST UPDATES - We are not required to keep track of trades and sales. Please keep them up to date by signing up to the site to keep them updated for those interested in participating with their characters

  • INACTIVE STATUS - If leaving the group or obtaining a character for personal use only please let mods or creator know so that we may make the character inactive. Inactive means they won't get gift art, be included with other member's prompts, and won't be able to be registered as characters. They'll be locked to the owner at the time.

  • RESALE - characters can be resold at any price (Some exclusions apply) BUT note that we have a 1 year cooldown for resales over the original price. Free designs won in events, or free giveaways cannot be resold.

  • GIFTING - Gifting is unrestricted, may give the character to anyone

  • TRADING - Can trade for any character of any value

  • SWAPING - Absolutely allowed and encouraged, not value restricted

  • VOUCHERS - We do not allow characters to be traded/sold/swapped on unfulfilled vouchers. Vouchers can be made, but the character will not be officially recognized as the vouchee's character until it's fulfilled.

  • MERCH - Counts as a voucher. Same effect, we will need proof that merch has reached the intended trader/seller before we will recognize the trade


Repercussions & Blacklist

Rule breakers will be given 3 strikes (Except in cases of rules that are listed as zero tolerance). After the third strike any information, record keeping, and gameplay resources will be stripped from the site permanently. A blacklist will be held in place after this for future sales, events and trades. We at any time can negotiate after the 3rd strike but we have the sole right to deny negotiations and terminate gameplay involvement for rulebreaks.

Those who end up being removed will still continue to own their characters. We do not revoke characters. They are paid for and/or earned. They just will no longer be part of our community here. We will mark characters belonging to those blacklisted as inactive and add a blacklist note.

If anyone comes to ask terminated members for a character after being removed from the group without being prompted we consider this harassment! Guilt tripping, or begging for voided characters is prohibited.

Unless someone wants to join someone on the blacklist they are NOT to harass anyone on that list for any reason. For their characters, their items, their currency, to tell them off or insult them etc.



Please read everything before reporting!


- WHAT IF I NEED HELP? - We will try to work with any reports in the best way possible if through another admin or the group or a close friend as well. Note that evidence provided will be saved for a minimum of 1 month and up to 2 years.

- WHAT IF I HAVE AN ISSUE WITH MODS? - reporting on a mod or admin will not cause trouble, the mod team is all about keeping each other responsible and honest. If a mod doesn't take criticism well they don't stay a mod long. Members will not be punished for mod's behaviors or mistakes.

- REPORTING AS ANON - If someone wishes to stay anonymous we will do our best to keep them anonymous. Including blurring out names, icons and identifiers.

- BEING REPORTED ON - For those reported on, they deserve the right to see evidence against them, and the chance to explain their side. Decisions on warnings, strikes, or banning will be made after both parties have spoken!

- DECENCY - Please remain decent. Do not resort to "ALL CAPS", excessive swearing or indecent talk.

- NOTHING TOO SMALL - If in doubt, report. Take screen shots and let the mods know. If it's small we'd rather deal with it and be relieved that it was no issue, than have it not reported and it actually become a big problem.



Your Username/Link To Account

Defendant's Username/Link To Account

Description of Event

Screenshots/Evidence Attached (We require screenshots, videos and records of evidence.)

Be prepared to explain everything, have time to think and calm down before sending the report and if there are issues to take a step back till we have a look at the situation. We do not want things to get unnecessarily worse.



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