Comprehensive Chii Guide

✦ What is Chii?

Chii is a special energy that is the visible part, the physical expression of a Plumerian's spirit. Chii changes depending on a Plumerian's enlightenment, status and magical abilities. All Plumarians are born with Chii, and as they grow the Chii shifts and changes with them.

➼ Chii Traits Here

✦ How does it manifest in each species?

chii expression

In each species above, the blue indicates where Chii would manifest for each species or express itself. Though it can be covered with body paints, especially on their paws, noses, hair and ears!
When hiding Chii - Only places that the Chii will not be able to be hidden with paints or traits are inside a Plumerian and when it is in raw form floating outside the body (Like the Chii flames on the Dracokai). Their blood, flesh, and insides will always be the color and properties of their Chii. But their eyes, inner mouth, inner ears, nose and paw pads can be colored something other than their chii traits. This is especially the case with Coadles, Feathercloaks and Sucats. For instance, they can have a white colored mouth, but their chii could be a bright red and would only show in their blood or wounds.
Dracokai Note - Dracokai can have patches of Chii when they are defenders to vent off excess Chii energy. But none of the other classes will have them

✦ How do I change the Chii Color/Rarity?

Trait up and Trait down coins! For basic color shifting for example, from MonoChrome Chii to Radiant Chii you'd need a Trait up Coin.

✦ Is Chii Colors Limited, how are they inherited?

Below here is a wheel of acceptable colors to pick from for Kaima bodies and Plumerians in general. And the shortest section between two parents is where their children will often land in breeding for Chii.
Because Parents with complimentary colors can make brown chii (Which is not possible without curses or special trait coloring) they will either lean on one half. Ex. A blue and orange Chii Plumerian with a cool leaning will have Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange children.

Common Chii Colors

For Black, White, Gray, or Brown/Neutral Chii colors you will need Chii shards, curses, blessings or other items to obtain them. If parents have special Chii like this it's possible it can be inherited by 25%
! In Lore, dead plumes tend to have Gray Chii that loses it's glow completely and any floating Chii becomes abscent !

✦ How do I change the Chii Effects?

Chii can sometimes have different styles, extra special placements and forms. Such as Crystal Chii, Paw Chii etc. To obtain those you will need to use Chii Shards!

✦ What if my Plumerian has no visible Chii?

If your character does not have a design with visible Chii, it will always be what you see in their eyes. If the eyes are also not visible the next line of figuring out a character's Chii is by the listed Chii trait/style. If the trait is not listed and you cannot see the Chii it is due to the trait being common and you have free reign to pick the color of the common MonoChrome Chii they might have.

✦ Why Are Kaima made of Solid Chii?

Kaima are the most spirit based and most shifting of all the species in Plumeria. They are born as pure Chii and do not inherit painted patterns or colors of their parents. Thus, Kaima to help distinguish themselves from their parents and family will paint themselves when turning into teens or older adolescents to be more unique. The paint will stick with them unless they decide to alter their paints.

Parent Kaima with Children

As you can see in the image, they are quite limited in their differentiation even just among their parents, let alone the thousands of other purple, blue and pink Kaima. 

✦ How do I design my Kaima's Chii Form?

To design their form you must find out what their Chii traits are. Generally Kaima are mostly common and uncommon in terms of their Chii Traits. You can decide based on their listed traits, and the color of their eyes.
Below I'll post several examples of how to create a blank Chii form for Kaima.
MonoChrome Chii Example

Radiant Chii Example

Patchwork Chii Example

Celestial Chii Body Example

Special Chii forms will be visible all over the Kaima body!

✦ What are Chii markings?

Chii markings are light patterns on a Kaima's body that represent a Kaima's age, wisdom and life lessons. They more often than not, follow the patterns they paint on their body. The older a Kaima is the more complex and varied the designs tend to be.

Kaima Chii Body Markings Example

On lighter Chii Kaimas the markings are very difficult to see, since they are lighter yet not pure white. On darker Kaima's they are much more noticable!